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Malaise follows Doc, a butcher in the post-apocalyptic Northwestern Quarter, who is forced to harvest meat from unwilling participants. When Doc is captured by a wily gang of post-apocalyptic thugs, he crosses paths with a Lakota widow and a young Mormon who force him to confront the addictions keeping him trapped in a never ending cycle. He must find the strength within himself to overcome his inner demons, take moral action, and put an end to the carnage.


When Noah awakes on a strange path without any memory, he is thrust on a wild adventure to save a princess and a kingdom with the help of unlikely companions. Gabbard has masterfully turned classic fairytale tropes inside out with her current work-in-progress. In this fantasy novel, she explores concepts such as the mental state of a princess trapped in a dungeon for years, the complex reality of how the villains are not always obvious, and the delicate line where fantasy and science fiction blend.