The Importance of Proper Comma Use and Punctuation in Effective Writing

Grammar is an essential element of effective writing, and few aspects of grammar are more important than the rules regarding commas. Commas are used to indicate pauses in a sentence and separate different elements of language, and when used correctly, they can help writers effectively communicate their ideas. One of the most common rookie mistakes […]


My Adonisnot even Lethecould erase these impressions you’ve laidupon my soulCast to the lotus-eatersto loveto forgetto numbto forsakefor fear of pain.Each distraction devouredfor a moment of sanityMust I surrenderto escapeMust I allow the wavesof passionto swallow me wholeTo feel at peaceI fight against the riptideMy eyes and lungs are swollenMy limbs weakAnd all is in […]

Something Borrowed

I am used to inconsistent loveThe heart beats that stallWhich no pacer is made for I hug you so deepBecause I can see your painI can feel itAnd I knowThe undercurrentOf your avoidanceIsn’t avoidant It’s afraid Because I see itI hear itI feel itEvery time you drink In vehement rantsAlways on the precipiceOf accidental violence […]