C. A. Gabbard

C. A. Gabbard was born and raised in the Matanuska Valley in Alaska. She weathered the long, dark winters writing stories by the fire–sparking her desire to become an author.

At eighteen, Gabbard ran away with a circus act working with the Velocity Circus, where she eventually earned her first writing gig running an associated blog. By twenty years old, Gabbard enlisted in the Navy, where she served as a Sonar Technician, and in 2016 she set out to travel the world. 

As an avid traveler, C. A. Gabbard walked mountain and glacier sides, retraced the marks of WWII over Europe and Japan, listened to the fireside oral histories of indigenous around the globe, and has learned to observe the world in a manner that brings a unique perspective and depth to her written works.

When she is not avidly writing and reading, she is traveling cross-country with her rabbit companion, Red.