C. A. Gabbard is an altruistic visionary working to use her art as a catalyst for change.

This up and coming author is dedicated to the craft of writing. Slave to no single genre, she writes stories in whichever form is best for conveying her complex ideas and perceptions of the world. Her goal is to start conversations within the hearts and homes of her readers and encourage them to question the world around them.

Born in Palmer, Alaska, Gabbard spent the long, dark winter months reading and writing. As a child, she is remembered toting around a beat-up Samsonite briefcase filled with her works in progress. Her curiosity about the world around her and desire for the romantic adventures read about throughout life, led her on an unconventional journey.

In 2010, Gabbard ran off with a circus act passing through rural Alaska. For the next year, she traveled the majority of the West Coast where she completed high school while observing America in the same fashion as Kerouac and Steinbeck. Eventually, she started working under her first mentor, Jeffrey Ferns, co-owner of the Velocity Circus. Under his instruction, she wrote her first blog and helped plan events for the non-profit organization Children United by Experience (C.U.E.). C.U.E. worked to create fine arts programs for economically impacted youth in  south-western America.

In 2012, the young writer, seduced by tales of the sea, found herself enlisted in the U.S. Navy where she served as a Sonar Technician. She found herself in Norfolk, Virginia living in Old Huntersville off of B Avenue–a place which illuminated many social, economic, and race issues permeating modern America’s working class. By 2016, she was hitting the road traveling from Virginia to California, north to Alaska, then Canada, and launching overseas to see the world. For the next year she lived out of a small pack as she trekked over twenty-two countries, observing the world and humanity for all its heartbreak and splendor.

As her adventure progressed, her writing followed. C. A. Gabbard’s dedication to her art has allowed her to capture and explore the fabric of humanity. Her aim is to create pieces of work which inspire and push her limits as a creator.

“I cannot say enough about this freelancer. We hire creative writers for a number of projects, and this professional’s ability to translate our packages into finished products is top notch. Great creative intuition and especially solid with dialogue.”

– UpWork Client

“Talented and really dives into the material.”

– UpWork Client

“C. A. Gabbard always delivers a story with a fresh voice and creative, unique approach. Thanks, great work!”

– UpWork Client

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