My Adonis
not even Lethe
could erase these impressions you’ve laid
upon my soul
Cast to the lotus-eaters
to love
to forget
to numb
to forsake
for fear of pain.
Each distraction devoured
for a moment of sanity
Must I surrender
to escape
Must I allow the waves
of passion
to swallow me whole
To feel at peace
I fight against the riptide
My eyes and lungs are swollen
My limbs weak
And all is in vain
For the harder I fight
Your love,
it drags me,
further out to sea
If only that you could
carve me gills
to breathe
and I would fashion you wings
from the ventricles
of my heart
and together
we could live
between moon and crest
star and sea
grounding and fluidity
for all eternity

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